D2 Turbo Parts is brend with high quality turbo parts . In our offer you will find compressor wheel, turbine wheel, repair kit, nozzle ring, bearing housing, back plate, turbo actuator, cartridge ( CHRA ), turbocharger ( turbo, turbine ), turbine housing, compressor housing, gasket kits and tools and equipment used for the repair,  remanufacturing, restoration turbo and central housing rotating assembly.
     By using our online catalogue you can find products sorted by categories for all OEM numbers for all models od turbo ( KKK, Garrett, BorgWarner, IHI turbo, Mitsubishi, Toyota ) wich are use in whole world in any type od engine.
     Search option is is adapted to use all OEM part and turbo numbers, all Jrone and Melett part numbers. For compressor wheel, turbine wheel and back plate search engine is aditional updated for serach by dimension.
    D2turboparts catalogue is always update with all new turbo OEM part numbers and models of tubochargers from all manufactures (Garrett, BorgWarner, IHI turbo, KKK, Mitsubishi MHI)
New turbochargers and reconditioned turbos are same part of out offer. If some model is not part of catalogue you can contact us for all infotmations on e-mails in contact section. Specifications for all options are available in section tools and equimpment

Tools and equipment for your turbo service are also part of out offer. Now we present you Flow Bunch VNT 750 for turbo test wich is must have for all profesional Turbo Servis with more than 1700 turbo OEM numbers in database. Also DPF cleaner machine for evry profesional DPF service who work with cleaning of Diesel Particle Filter. Details are presented in section tools & equimpment